Eco Kitchen Cloths

I recently discovered a yarn shop in Mt Albert, Auckland (New Zealand). Now, I’m a Spotlight girl because its cheap and there is so much to choose from. But I do like the occasionally trip into an independent yarn business.

This shop is called ‘Knit n Stitch‘ and sells yarn from around the world – some noteworthy that I saw was Filatura di Crosa from Italy, Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton from the USA, and Malabrigo from Uruguay.

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Lining – 3 ways

In this post I will be showing you three ways to line a piece of crochet. Two will be lining a square and one a circle. They will be written from easiest to hardest. I am also going to include the advantages and disadvantages of each way, and what each is useful for. Each piece will be sewn using the ‘backstitch.’ Before we start I recommend you watch the video tutorials at the bottom of this post.

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